The 6 "S" You Need to Scale

Your Income and Your Business

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Wednesday August 19th @ 1pm PST

Has 2020 got your business moving in a different direction and you’re wondering how do get my business back on track? 


Are you ready to create

more income, have more time

and breakthrough another level

in your business? 

If you answered YES to the above then this webinar is for you! I created this webinar to help you jump start your business and hit those monthly income goals

In this Webinar You Will Learn

the 6 "S" Needed to

Scale Your Income & Business

  • Start With Your Foundations

    We will start from the beginning and discover how to have the right strategy for your business.

  • Show Me The Money

    In this webinar, we will dive into how to create consistent income in your business so you can live an abundant life.

  • Serve, Serve, Serve

    You will understand if your services are meeting and serving your client's needs. 

  • Skyrocket Your Sales 

    What you need to know about growing your sales and how to avoid the most deadly mistake most entrepreneurs make.

  • Systems That Get You Consistent Results 

    Learn which systems will get you consistent results in: lead generation, marketing, sales, on-boarding & off-boarding

  • Support Your Business with Your Dream Team

    Learn when is the time to hire or outsource, how to find and build your dream team, how to train, and how to retain. 

Hi I'm Raquel! 


A successful business opens up opportunities. I spent all my life doing things a bit differently.  I started my business in real estate at the age of 19.  I launched and scaled 6 different businesses and built some of my best business systems during a recession.  I worked in the corporate world after having scaled businesses to 8 figures with my last role being a Chief Revenue Officer of a start up technology company.  The experience of both entrepreneurship and the corporate world gave me so many lessons that have allowed me to coach real estate agents, mortgage professionals, service providers and online coaches to scale their business to 6-7 figures without being overwhelmed. My journey helped me realized my passion to help more female entrepreneurs build a business they love and have the freedom they desire.


I'm here to teach you what others won't  because honestly, it doesn’t have to be as complicated or confusing as most make it out to be. I love being around action takers, go getters and goal crushers. So if that's you and you love results as much as I do, I can't wait for you to be part of this exclusive group.


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